My seven week trips to Brighton Cancer Hospital

Well the first thing I must say is for those that are in the forerunner of going to have radiotherapy. Do not worry unduly it is fine, of course there are always start up problems. Mine was that I should have taken twelve large round pills one hour and a half before I went. However each day got decidedly worse from nausea from those terrible pills. Until on the forth day I could not imagine taking them the entire seven weeks, so I telephoned to ask what they could do. By the following evening when I had to go. The doctor had suggested I stop taking them. So now I feel great and can carry on the program without the added feeling of being sick before I go each day.

There are so many people with cancer, one wonders why ? Is it something to do with the food we eat of the water we drink. As I am sure we all know how many Chemicals are used in water purification and food spraying. So it matters not if you are a health freak or just a normal eater, the problem is the same unless you grow all your on food and purify your own water.

I am confident that they will take very good care of me at the hospital and hopefully keep it under control, so that I can carry on my life a little bit longer to enjoy my grandchildren and my family and friends. My husband Bill has been a brick and puts up with all my problems as if they were his own and takes very good care of me.

I am hoping my next Blog will be something frivolous and maybe even funny. I will have to put my thinking cap on.


My daughter’s wonderful book of poems and prose–Vision– Space between the Universe

 I so admire my daughters writing and the comprehension of such visionary thoughts and visitants that are so vibrant in her short stories. I am very proud to think that a sibling of mine could write so wonderfully with such feeling and such depth. I have written her a short poem to outline my feelings as I think she must push herself that bit further and not sink into oblivion of the Computer world in which she endears, but become the amazing human being I know. I particularly like the story about the clock and time. Wonderfully written and kept me going till it finished.

Time and tide wait for no man as they say and Laura seems to go straight to the heart of it in this book. I love to write and have done for quite a few years, but I can not possibly describe the detail so explicitly as she does. Good Luck with the book and people please buy it. I am sure you enjoy the read.

Soon to be on Amazon  ‘Vision’

My Hospital stay

English: Poster showing a nurse, with her arms...

English: Poster showing a nurse, with her arms outstretched, standing before a large red cross; in background a Red Cross hospital ship, ambulance and field hospital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In over forty years apart from my Atrial Fibrillation I have never spent any other time in a hospital, so it was all very new and a very interesting stay and even though I was feeling ill, I managed to make notes of all my observations.

I was in a ward called urology investigation suite and it turns out that Hastings does not have this department, so the one I was in the DGH in Eastbourne was covering a huge area and extremely over stretched and full to bursting at the seams and with all that they were completely understaffed. Even though the staff were all full of compassion and as far as they were able, managed to keep on top of the extremely gruelling program of this blood bath department.

The amount of blood tests and blood passing was ongoing to nearly all patients. So the staff were worked off there feet day and night. The eclectic mix of staff was amazing from just about everywhere in the world, from Uganda, South Africa and many other eastern Countries and not forgetting Great Britain. They were all so diverse and  and enjoyed their work and were marvellous people.

In my ward in the corner for a short stay was a Russian girl who pretended not to speak English, this enabled her to have her husband with her a good deal of the time as an interpreter, she had two sons, one six and one four who she spoke English to. She cut herself off from the rest of the ward keeping her curtains closed the entire time she was able, as though we all had some virus.

We had a young girl opposite her full of life and eager to get back to work, a nurse, what a comparison bless her.

The lady who brought round the food started off being very offish, austere and may I say it downright rude, after a couple of days as she was coming into the ward she started ranting on about a small chair that had been by my bed as my only means of reaching it had been essential, but did not belong in the ward. Anyway the upshot of it was I asked her ‘was she head of the union’? to which she went into one and everyone in the ward including the nurses started to laugh. From then on she was a very pleasant member of staff and became almost friends and looked after me very well. I think she got worried I would write an article about her, as someone told her I was a writer. However it worked.

Then there was an Auxiliary nurse who never stopped talking and took her ages to do one job sometimes, but her heart was in the right place and you needed to be slightly mad to work in that place. While I was down having my stent put into the kidney, I was in so much pain even with all the pain relief, the poor nurse holding my hand must have had my nails digging in so far. But bless her she never flinched just held my hand for as long as I needed to. I cannot stress enough how the nursing staff give so much care and individual attention.

Just before I was to leave a little lady was put into the bed next to me and was a very independent lady who was not on any drips, so was able somehow to take herself off to the toilet. When she got back she said to one of the nurses ‘I am so sorry for the blood on my sheet’. The nurse looked at her and laughed  ‘Blood! What blood’. This put her at ease and I showed her the buzzer and told her not to go on her own yet. She had only just come from surgery.

When it was time for me to leave, I was ushered out into the waiting room, so that they could clean the bed and around and then use it for another patient waiting to come in, who was also in the waiting room. Typical conveyor belt operation. That was how busy it was and there must have been at least eight wards along the corridor and side rooms.

So there you have it a small insight into the workings of the NHS at its best and worst. Bless them all and Thank you.

Everyones good wishes

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my family and friends who have given me so much support, love and positive thoughts while I wait to go into Hospital. You have no idea how wonderful all the text , facebook messages and e-mails have took me through and even though I know I am jittery about going in on Friday. I know the power of love will see me through it. I can only hope that once they cut it out that will be an end to it, although being much more philosophical one can never know at this point in time. Thank you to everyone who knows me and bless you all.

Maybe I will have time to read a book that my daughter got for me to take in.

No one knows what lies ahead of them I can only say that some friends of mine who have gone through the same thing as me have come out the other side and are in remission or doing well.

Having a family and friends who care and are there for you makes me the luckiest person alive.

A Wonderful friend

My best friend sent me this poem this evening by text, must have taken her all day, but she is such a dear friend and I have found I have Bladder Cancer and I am going into Hospital next week. All I can say is Bless her.

If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you

and share with you its beauty on the days your feeling blue.

If I could build a mountain you could call you very own

A pace to find serenity a place to be alone.

If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea,

but all these things I’m finding are impossible for me.

I cannot build a mountain or catch a rainbow fair,

but let me be what I know best

A friend that’s always there.

She also said: You are too nice to be ill so get well very soon.

How wonderful was that. From a very dear long standing friend for over fifty years.



We all have the usual senses hopefully, smell ,touch, hear, feel and see, but there few who have the six sense. E.S.P, clairvoyance, premonition, intuition and subtle perception ability. However for the few that are lucky enough to acquire this knowledge and use it wisely are indeed the chosen few. Therefore I have written a book about one such young lady with the most amazing abilities and the way in which she turns her life around to use them wisely along with her stones.

The book is called ‘DARK CLOUDS RISING’ by Frances Gibbs and should you be interested it is available on with free P&P.Dark Clouds Rising cover3


Back in the days when I was at School in the 1950’s, I was brought up in a home for Jewish children called Norwood. We were very fortunate not to have been left to the streets of London as in those days of no welfare, if you had a one parent family as I did. They would have to go to work all hours to make ends meet with no help and living from hand to mouth. So even though I was sent to the home, I class myself very lucky to have had a family around me (friends) with no hang ups and all in the same boat. I was  there for eight long years and School somehow has always been a complete enigma to me. I don’t remember any friends at School, except those who were at Norwood with me. Sad really that no one ever befriended us to make any lasting impression. We  were just those kids from Norwood and yet so many of us kids from Norwood have stayed in touch all these years. I never had any brother of sisters, so friends have always been precious to me and my family are like my treasures.Norwood picrachel family1 (1)tmpAB (1)  Here are some ancient photo’s of people , some gone, some still friends, house mothers and Principle of Norwood at that time Dr. Conway who went on to become Headmaster of the new Jewish Free School in Camden, London and if you look to the back on the first photo second on the right I’m the goggled eyed one and in the second photo sitting with her arms crossed second on the left is and was my very good friend even now after all those years.



Never a truer word was ever spoken, life gets very complicated if you try and do this incredible thing. Although being nice to people has its draw backs too. I try to appease people, but as you get older you find people have a way of stabbing you in the back even though you have not given any cause. It never ceases to amaze me how people are so selfish and never think that maybe someone is doing something for someone else because they want to, or enjoy helping other just because they need it.

I am a treasurer and a  visitor to the elderly with a group of people in a small village in East Sussex, England and although I moved away to another village ten miles away I am still involved and know all the  elderly people there. We take them out shopping and the occasional lunch and tea. They have a pop-in every Tuesday, which my husband is involved in more than me. We have a minibus that seats fifteen and they are all picked up regularly from their homes. The age range is from 75-90 and they are wonderful people. This is all done with love and mostly free of costs to them.

But beware the helpers, for sometimes the backlash or backstabbing always ends up coming back to you. Then you have to bite your tongue or grin and bear it as I have previously put as a quote.

However I will probably carry on helping as long as I am able as I enjoy it and the people we help.

I have always felt one should put back into this world whatever one can, as I feel blessed to have had a wonderful family and a husband who stands by me thick or thin throughout our 53 years of marriage so far and although I was a single child without a father and lived in an Orphange for eight years I have managed to accumulate a large diverse family of  21 at the last count, with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Quite amazing!


quote for the day

Grin and bear it.

This is exactly what I have had to do today as my Computer decided to play up and its took all day to fix it. Talk about patients !

It was driving me crazy, one has to have an abundance of them. It’s still not right now, but at least I am able to write something on my blog.

Anyone out there having the same problems I totally sympathise with you.